17 Series for Those Who Seek Different Flavors

1. Taboo (2017 – )

James Keziah Delaney, who received the news of his father’s death, who owns a shipping chain, returns from London to London years later with 14 stolen diamonds. He learns that a critical land, which the famous and very dangerous East India Company of the period had taken care of, inherited from his father. James, who broke the plans of his half-sister and husband, who made plans to sell the land, started the game of revenge when he learned that his father was poisoned to death.

2. Wild District (2018 – )

Jhon Jeiver is a guerrilla fighter who spends years in the mountains. Having signed the Colombia Peace Agreement, Jeiver wants to leave the forest and leave the past behind. Returning to Bogotá with his family by pulling a sponge in his past, Jeiver struggles to get used to his new life, while trying to get closer to his family and to adapt to the society. However, after a while, he finds himself in a world full of crime. Stuck in a great moral dilemma, Jeiver will also try to protect his family from his dark past.

3. Beowulf (2016)

Beowulf; He puts a famous warrior fighting a monster named Grendel at the center. Hearing the beast’s fame, Beowulf travels to Denmark and kills Grendel. Her mother, who wants revenge, soon appears. A story will begin, in which the mother will be more dangerous than Grendel.

4. The Walking Dead (2010 – )

The town’s police chief, Rick Grimes, is shot and taken to the hospital one day; But while he was in a coma, the life he knew in the past was upset. Now the world will be at the mercy of zombies that feed on human flesh! Of course, if some human emotions are left … A small group of people who try to survive quietly after chaos in Atlanta has no one to hold on to.

5. Beyond Appearences (2017)

The 40th birthday celebration of twin sisters Alexandra and Manon will be the beginning of the hard days for the family with the disappearance of Manon.

6. Babylon Berlin (2017 – )

Gereon Rath, a commissioner in Cologne, is sent to Berlin to pursue a case. He begins to study an environment dominated by drugs, murder, politics, and art. Although he can easily see the case he was dealing with at the beginning, there are many events that will change the life of the commissioner in the later stages of the research.

7. Blindspot (2015 – )

Jane Doe, who has lost her memory in a suitcase and has various tattoos on her body, is located in Times Square in New York. FBI agents, who have begun to unravel the mysteries of tattoos, will lead to the emergence of various crimes.

8. The New Pope (2019 – )

Foreign Minister Voiello, with the mysterious passage of time, instead of the cousin Pius XIII; introduces a new Pope named John Paul III. The new recruiter is the British aristocrat Sir John Brannox. While the church is under attack as a result of various scandals, the new Pope realizes that it is difficult to replace Pius XIII, which has won public trust for years.

9. Project Blue Book (2019 – )

By the Air Force, Michael Quinn and Dr. Allen Hynek were commissioned. In the atmosphere where cold war paranoia prevails, Quinn has a harsh temperament, he doesn’t care about anything except his duty and has doubts about Hynek. Researchers soon realize that they are facing a conspiracy.

10. The Magicians (2015 – 2020)

The series is based on Lev Grossman’s bestselling novel, The Magicians. The series is about a young man’s discovery of his magical powers and his admission to a top-secret and prestigious wizarding school in the north of New York, and his changing life is full of adventures that he must go to live his life.

11. Victor Lessard (2017 – )

Victor Lessard, the investigated master researcher of the murder bureau, returns to work when things start to go wrong in the unit. The first task assigned to him would be to unravel the mystery behind the murder of a woman killed by a medieval-style torture method. Victor, whose civil life is progressing well, will have to face his own past with the series of ritualist murders he is trying to solve.

12. Billions (2016 – )

Ambitious investor Bobby Axelrod’s luck and his good fortune opened him the doors of the billionaire. Rising too fast and having a lot of money causes some suspicious situations to occur. So a clash begins between Axelrod and his pursuit government lawyer Chuck Rhodes.

The Son (2017 – 2019)

Adapted from Philipp Meyer’s novel of the same name, The Son takes place in two different time periods. In the first story, the young Eli, who was kidnapped by the Communists in 1849; In the second story, 60 years later. We are witnessing Eli’s efforts to keep his family together and to carry out his business in South Texas.

14. Virgin River (2019 – )

The series is about the story of Melinda Monroe, who moved to a remote town of California to lead a quiet life. After deciding to open a new page in his life, Melinda discovers that town life is not as easy as expected in the later part of the series.

15. Outcast (2016 – 2017)

Kyle Barnes’s body has been taken over by the devil since he was eight years old. Barnes, who wants to live a normal life, gets help from a preacher and seeks answers to his questions.

16. World on Fire (2019 – )

World on Fire, where love and war stand out, dates back to 1939, the eve of the start of World War II. We watch the effects of war through the eyes of various people. These include a translator in Warsaw, a factory worker in Manchester, a war correspondent, and a family in Berlin.

17. The War of the World (2019)

The series consists of eight episodes and is subject to an alien invasion. A group of people who managed to survive in the world invaded by the foreign bodies seen in the sky are desperately waiting for the disasters that will happen to them. All people wonder who these attackers are and why they attack.

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