18 Movies in Mental Hospitals

1. Gothika (2003) | IMDb 5.8


Miranda Gray works on mentally unstable criminals in a clinic where she examines her mental states as a psychologist. Her husband is also the manager of the clinic. One of them is a criminal named Chloe, who is suffering in satanist rituals to the people he killed. One day, Miranda falls into the position of a patient in that clinic, after being tried for the murder after an accident. There are losses in her memory and she learns that her husband is dead and that she is considered suspicious in this death. The woman who tries to regain her memory violently is manipulated by a vindictive spirit.

2. Sucker Punch (2011) | IMDb 6.1


Babydoll, who was forced into a mental hospital by the death of his mother, holds on to life even more here. The brave girl starts fighting for her freedom here. Babydoll, who organizes her four girlfriend – Dora Rocket (Jena Malone), Urban Blondie (Vanessa Hudgens), Fiercely Loyal Amber (Jamie Chung), and Reluctant Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish) – are the rulers of torture and torture. He tries to escape from their hands.

3. Session 9 (2001) | IMDb 6.5


Session 9 managed to reach a considerable audience with its different scenarios, interesting setup, and an alternative view of science fiction. The film tells the story of the last aliens who survived in 1982 to keep the world in order to survive. Aliens who settled in a region of South Africa are soon discovered and observed by a research team. Aliens are kept under the control of a private company called MNU and deployed to a region called District 9. The officials of this company are trying to learn and apply the secrets of alien technology, thereby earning enormous money. What is necessary for this is the alien DNA. MNU employee Wikus van der Merwe is attacked by a mysterious virus and begins to resemble aliens. The company will now pursue its own employee, while Merwe will head out to District 9, where they can only take shelter.

4. Neverwas | IMDb 6.7


Zach Riley, a highly trained and successful psychiatrist, leaves his academic career and starts working in a mental and mental health hospital. The importance and meaning of this institute are quite deep. The father of the young man, who was the writer, was treated at this center and recently passed away. The father of the author lived here before writing his famous book. Getting help from a schizophrenic patient living here to adapt to the environment, Riley starts to discover the secrets behind the book over time.
Directed by Joshua Michael Stern, the movie has famous names such as Aaron Eckhart, Ian McKellen, and Brittany Murphy.

5. Don Juan De Marco (1994) | IMDb 6.8


Jack Miller is a psychiatrist who is highly respected by his environment but is now approaching the end of his career by age. Her retirement has been the last ten days, and within those ten days, she has faced the most difficult patient of her whole life. His new patient is Don Juan, one of the strangest lovers in the world, who falls in love with all the women. The whole life of this patient is based on assumptions and illusions. Jack only has ten days to understand and treat his patient.

6. Eliza Graves (2014) | IMDb 6.8


Adapted to the cinema from the short story of Edgar Allan Poe, the film has a dark tone, like any other work by the author. A student graduating from medical school is appointed to a mental hospital for his first assignment. The young man who gets used to the movements and diaries of the patients over time gets used to it over time. But after a while, he realizes that nothing is as simple and ordinary as it seems …
Kate Beckinsale, Jim Sturgess, Ben Kingsley, and Michael Caine are featured in the film’s major roles, written by Joe Gangemi’s script and directed by Brad Anderson.

7. I Am A Cyborg But That’s Ok (2006) | IMDb 7.1


Among the dozens of patients in a mental institution, each of which has its own characteristics, a male patient who claims to be a cyborg and claims to be able to steal people’s souls. The extraordinary rapprochement of these two people, detached from the familiar reality of life, is also supported by the hospital environment built on another reality.

8. The Jacket (2005) | IMDb 7.1


The film revolves around a wounded Gulf War veteran returning home and struggling with memory loss. Jack was seriously wounded in the head during the war. Since he is a no one, he has a hard time trying to do what he can do in the sharp moments of memory loss. For this reason, he goes to Vermont, where he was born. He uses the hitchhiking method while going there. He encounters a woman on the road. Her car failed, and she had an eight-year-old daughter with her. It helps them. Another car owner picks them up in his car, and soon a police check comes up to them. Jack opens his eyes one day and finds himself in the hospital. What remains of lost memory is just these broken images. The memories of a woman named Jackie appear in her memory, which is constantly moving between dreams and reality. Where are the answers that will bring Jack back to life? Who is?

9. Dom Durakov (2002) | IMDb 7.2


Janna is a beautiful girl from Chechnya. In addition, he is one of the patients undergoing psychiatric therapy in a clinic near Chechnya. In this own clinic, all patients live isolated from the war dominating the outside world. Janna’s biggest hobby is playing the accordion. His ability to play the instrument and his songs make him feel good for the patients around him. One day, a train that patients watch every day does not pass. Hospital staff has also disappeared. Patients were left alone in the middle of the war.

10. It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010) | IMDb 7.2


Craig is a high school student and has been held in love with his best friend’s girlfriend. When Craig realizes he has a tendency to commit suicide for a moment, he goes to a hospital and asks for a checkup. He thinks he will have some examinations and will probably be able to go to school the next day. However, things do not go as planned and they have to stay in the hospital for a week. However, since the section for young people is undergoing renovation, they take Craig with adults, there are also a few young people among them. Bobby, who has a young daughter, introduces him around. Noelle draws Craig’s attention that they are of the same age. Craig wants to hide his whereabouts from his friends. She draws something, she goes to therapy, she sings, and she helps Bobby get an interview. So is that really all?

11. Girl, Interrupted (1999) | IMDb 7.3


The same name of the film writer Susanna Kaysen, who tells the story of the sad, exciting, bitter relationship that the candidate young Susanna Kaysen, who was separated from her family with the diagnosis of caste, daily relationships, and personality division, was hospitalized with the psychiatry clinic ‘Claymoore’. adapted to the cinema by James Mangold, who proves himself to the world with his successful films.

12. Quills (2000) | IMDb 7.4


The philosopher of the Sadism of Christmas award-winning writer Octavio Paz was not a victim, but a victim in itself. And the founder of the persecution was actually a soft-hearted man. Based on the life story of Marquis De Sade, which he calls, the film draws attention as a production that managed to bring Oscar winner Kate Winslet, Geoffrey Rush, and Michael Caine together in the same project …

13. K-PAX (2001) | IMDb 7.4


An enigmatic man named Prot is trying to stabilize in a psychiatric clinic because of his strange attitudes. Prot claims that he came from a planet called K-PAX and insists on this history that doctors have despite all their opposition. Mark Powell, the doctor who takes care of him, realizes that this man influences not only himself but also other people with the stories he tells. All of Prot’s stories will start to tingle with people’s heads a little more day by day.

14. Shock Corridor (1963) | IMDb 7.5


Johnny Barrett is an ambitious journalist. What he wants most in his life is to win a Pulitzer Prize with the news he does. He uses a very unusual way to win this award. Dr. With the help of Fong and her lover, she infiltrates a psychiatric clinic. Pretending to be a patient here, all Johnny wants is to illuminate a mysterious murder committed in the clinic and find the culprit. Johnny will do his best to speak to three witnesses of the murder, but it is more dangerous than he thought.

15. Awakenings (1990) | IMDb 7.8


Adapted to the cinema from the novel of the same name, where Oliver Sacks wrote his own life, the film tells about the lives that a nerdy doctor who devoted his life to science changed with the medicine he invented. Neurologist Malcolm Sayer encounters a group of patients with a disease he has never seen before in a hospital where he has just started working. These people have been sleeping in a bed-connected manner without moving for many years. Doctor Malcolm thinks that a drug introduced during a conference can also cure this disease and starts applying to these patients. Leonard Lowe becomes the first patient to be awakened and returned to life.

16. Shutter Island (2010) | IMDb 8.1


Like many films by Martin Scorsese, he is again a masterpiece. The film tells of two police officers, Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule, who went to investigate Ashecliffe Hospital, located in the area of Shutter Island, where dangerous mental patients were treated after the disappearance of a mental patient named Rachel Solando, and subsequent mysterious events are reported. Here, the rebellion table they encounter and the works that come out of their way will put this case increasingly difficult, and the boundaries between dream and reality will be challenged.

17. Twelve Monkeys (1995) | IMDb 8.1


A virus that is dangerous enough to destroy humanity in the world has killed approximately five billion people. The few remaining people can live in shelters they have installed underground. In the meantime, people who find a solution to destroy the virus make a time machine that they can go back in time. James Cole, a former prisoner, volunteers for the first test drive. James finds himself seven years behind in a mental hospital. In an environment like a mental hospital, when he tells his mission about the future and his mission, he causes him to eat a true mental patient tag.
12 Monkeys are one of the most prominent among travel-themed films in time.

18. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) | IMDb 8.7


A cinema classic with an amazing script, written by Jack Nickolson as an epic in acting … The actor, who successfully transmits Randle P. McMurphy’s drama to the screen, to perform the screening of the prison, is performing really well. When the inmate’s attitude of the prisoner starts to fall in the eyes of the prison authority, after a while, he is sent to the mental hospital for diagnosis and is convinced that he has a crack in the head. Now, his new residence is a madhouse … Randle also draws attention to the hospital with its incompliance with the rules of the institution and its relations with friends. In a short period of time, nurse Ratched, a cold-faced, sullen, authoritative officer, follows Randle closely and starts to follow her every move. The tension between two extremely opposing characters, such as Ratched and Randle, will increase even more when Randle begins to help them heal with the various activities he plans for his close friends.

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