Bernie Sanders Drops Out of Presidential Race

Democrat Party candidate Bernie Sanders in America announced that he dropped out of the presidential race. This step of Sanders makes ex-vice president Joe Biden the only rival against Trump in the 2020 presidential election in November.

At the press conference he organized, he thanked the volunteers who took part in the 2020 campaign and the 2 million Americans who donated to his campaign, and Sanders said, “As the campaign ends, our struggle for justice continues.”

Bernie Sanders, with his intense donation support in the first months of the pre-selection process, showed great success in the polls against his closest rival, Joe Biden. However, the support given by the liberal and young voters was not sufficient after the support received by Biden, especially from the black Americans, in the southern and midwestern states.
An important factor in Sanders’s failure to maintain its initial momentum was the rapid unification of the party’s traditionalist segment behind Biden.

Bernie Sanders also competed for the presidency in the 2016 elections. However, at that time, the traditional wing of the Democratic Party supported Hillary Clinton, and Hillary Clinton, who gathered more delegates, became Donald Trump’s rival in the 2016 presidential election.

“Victory has become almost impossible”

“The road to victory has become almost impossible,” Bernie Sanders announced in a statement that he had suspended his candidacy. Congratulating Joe Biden, Sanders used the phrase, “A very good person to work with to move our progressive ideas forward,” for his former Vice President.

An important part of the democratic circles argued that Sanders’ “democratic socialist” ideology would not appeal to the general base of the party and put Democratic candidates in a difficult situation in the Congress elections. Democrats desire to preserve the majority they gained in the House of Representatives in the midterm elections and to take away the majority from the Republicans in the Senate.

Sanders, who started the race fast with an effective system with strong surveys and small donations on the internet, gathered the most votes in the first two states of Iowa and News Hampshire, especially with the support he received from youth and Latin origin, and achieved a comfortable victory in Nevada. In the beginning, everyone’s favorite, Joe Biden, had a bad start to the race, and Bernie Sanders became a favorite.

Critical support for Biden within Congress changed the momentum of the race.

However, it was perhaps the turning point of the race that Joe Biden announced the support of the Black House Democrat Congressman Jim Clyburn, who was a member of the House of Representatives, especially influential among the blacks, and won South Carolina at a rate far higher than expected.

Biden sustained the momentum he had caught in South Carolina in Super Tuesday and won in 10 of the 14 states. Many other candidate candidates of the Democratic Party at that time also suspended their campaigns and announced their support for Biden. The loss of the state of Michigan to Biden, which Sanders won against Clinton in 2016, made Biden his favorite.

The Corona virus outbreak, which broke out in the meantime, prevented candidates from running campaign activities. So Sanders has no chance to reverse the needle.

Sanders managed to get serious support from certain circles within the party base, with ambitious plans such as “health insurance for everyone”, state-funded health system, free public schools, minimum wage raising to $ 15, and “New Green Deal” to tackle climate change.

Among the candidate candidates, the closest name to Sanders in terms of policies was Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. However, Warren, who came forward in the surveys last summer, could not maintain this momentum and shifted his line further.

In fact, Warren and Sanders, who had a long-standing alliance relationship between them, also had a minor discussion in January. Warren suggested that Sanders said that a woman could not be elected president at a special meeting in 2018, while Sanders denied the claim, arguing that he did not say such a word. Warren did not squeeze, despite Sanders’s hand reaching out after a television debate in Iowa.

Trump invites Sanders supporters to the Republican Party

President Donald Trump immediately commented on Bernie Sanders’ withdrawal from the race and expressed his view that this was “the work of Elizabeth Warren.” In the Trump message, “Bernie Sanders is out. Thanks to Elizabeth Warren. If he hadn’t, Bernie would have won almost every state in Super Tuesday. This was exactly what Democrats wanted. As in the fraudulent Hillary fiasco. Bernie supporters should come to the Republican Party, SWAP! ” He wrote.

It is a matter of curiosity whether Bernie Sanders will now clearly explain his support to Joe Biden. In the 2016 elections, Sanders continued his campaign after the preliminary elections were over and announced his support for Hillary Clinton two weeks before the national congress when the party’s presidential candidate was officially announced. Now, comments are being made that the earlier leaving of Sanders could be a step towards establishing unity within the party.

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