Coronavirus Latest News | 14.500 deaths in Spain

The increase in coronavirus cases continues. The epidemic has taken nearly 2000 lives in the USA in the last 24 hours.

The number of people who died in Iran increased to 3.993

The number of people who died in the last 24 hours due to a new type of coronavirus in Iran increased by 121 more, reaching 3.993.

757 people died in the last 24 hours in Spain

757 people died in 1 day from COVID-19 in Spain. The total number of deaths increased to 14.555

The number of coronavirus cases in Germany exceeded 100.000, the number of deaths is less than 2.000

In Germany, the Robert Koch Institute announced that 4,003 more coronavirus cases were seen and the total number of cases increased to 103.228.
The rate of death from coronavirus in the country is low.
In Germany, 1.861 people have died as a result of Covidav-19 disease caused by coronavirus.

Worldwide death number increased to 82.145

The number of people who died due to coronavirus (Covid-19) reached 82.145 worldwide.
The number of infected patients increased to 1.431.375 and
30.417 people were also treated.
According to these data, while 7.329 people died because of the coronavirus in the last 24 hours; the virus was detected in 83.191 people.

Quarantine completely removed in Wuhan

In the city of Wuhan, China, known as the starting point of the coronavirus epidemic, the quarantine that lasted 76 days was removed at midnight.
The first train from the city, where 11 million people live, departed at 00.50 local times. As of this hour, the highways that connect the city with other settlements were also opened to traffic.
Thousands of people left the city with cars.
Chinese officials, who stated that the outbreak was largely under control in the city of Wuhan, had gradually lifted the curfew restrictions.

Nearly 2000 people died in one day in the USA

According to the numbers announced by Johns-Hopkins University, the outbreak caused the death of 939 people in the last 24 hours in the USA. Thus, the highest number of fatalities in one country was recorded in a country after the appearance of its epidemic.

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