Explanation from NASA. Is there a parallel universe?

Findings from a study conducted by the United States’ space program, NASA, suggest that evidence of parallel universes may have been found.
The existence of parallel universes could not go beyond imagination since no scientific evidence has been found so far.

So is there a parallel universe?

Searching for years of evidence about the parallel universe, NASA has launched exciting research.
The data found in the study conducted by Peter W. Gorham of the University of Hawaii led to claims that the parallel universe might exist. This research group, led by Peter W. Gorham, uses a specially designed balloon that detects radio waves emitted when Antarctic glaciers interact with high-energy neutrinos. During the third flight of the balloon, scientists decided to reconsider the data from previous flights. The signal seemed to come from underground rather than from space.

A researcher who took part in the research made the following explanations about this evidence:
“Explaining these signals requires the existence of a complex and another universe that was created in the same big bang as ours, and existed in parallel. In this parallel world that we are talking about, everything works inversely positive-negative, left-right, and time goes backward.”

What is the parallel universe?

The concept of the parallel universe is a candidate to provide a solution to other physics problems as well as the Big Bang.
The multiverse is the hypothetical whole of possible finite and infinite universes, and these universes cover everything that exists — physical laws and physical changes along with all space, time, matter, and energy.
Also, there is no single Multiple Universe model.

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