pride month LGBTQ+

Pride Month

While collective organizations are canceled all over the world due to the coronavirus epidemic, there are also cancellations of LGBTQ + Honor Week events and marches held in June every year. While LGBTQ + associations in Europe and the USA announced that they were delaying all the activities to be held in May and June, […]

volkswagen racism

Volkswagen Unpublished New Commercial After ‘racism’ Reaction

German car giant Volkswagen received ‘racism’ reactions due to its advertisement to promote its new vehicle. Apologizing after the reactions and removing the video from the broadcast, Volkswagen could not satisfy many people. The 10-second promotional film that Volkswagen made for the new Golf model, released from their Instagram and Twitter accounts, has created an […]

oman tarık heysem prisoners

Amnesty for 797 prisoners in Oman

Sultan of Oman Heysem bin Tarık made amnesty for 797 prisoners, including foreigners, for the Feast of Ramadan. In the news in Oman official agency ONA, it was stated that Sultan Heysem issued an amnesty for a group of prisoners convicted on different charges due to the Eid al-Fitr. In the news, it was stated […]

Nasa parallel universe

Explanation from NASA. Is there a parallel universe?

Findings from a study conducted by the United States’ space program, NASA, suggest that evidence of parallel universes may have been found. The existence of parallel universes could not go beyond imagination since no scientific evidence has been found so far. So is there a parallel universe? Searching for years of evidence about the parallel […]

6ix9ine GOOBA

6ix9ine Releases His First New Song ‘Gooba’ After Prison

He was sentenced late last year on charges related to gang activity in New York but received a reduced sentence for his cooperation. 6ix9ine was released from federal prison in April, about four months before the end of his 2-year sentence. Lance Lazzaro, his defense attorney, said at the time that the rapper’s “severe asthma” […]

google's success

Google Doodle Games are Back!

Life has stopped in many parts of the world due to the Coronavirus, people are drawn to their homes. Technology companies have made some changes to their services to help people have a better time in their homes. Another step has now come from Google on this issue. The Mountain View-based tech giant has begun […]

USA presidential elections: Former President Obama announces support for Joe Biden

In his video message, former USA president Barack Obama announced that he supported his former vice-president Joe Biden for the presidential election in November. Thus, Obama, who took the side in the presidential race for the first time, called on the other candidates of the Democratic Party to support Biden. Bernie Sanders, a presidential candidate […]

trump and who

USA President Trump halts funding to the World Health Organization

US President Donald Trump has announced that he has stopped funding the World Health Organization, which he blamed for the coronavirus outbreak. Trump claimed that the World Health Organization was misleading the world on Covid-19 and “defending China’s theses”. Trump discussed the agenda at the press conference on the Coronavirus Task Force at the White […]