Pride Month

While collective organizations are canceled all over the world due to the coronavirus epidemic, there are also cancellations of LGBTQ + Honor Week events and marches held in June every year.

While LGBTQ + associations in Europe and the USA announced that they were delaying all the activities to be held in May and June, it was decided for the first time in the history of the Online Global Honor Week.

While the event date is set as June 27, people from all over the world will have the chance to attend the live event from their homes. The broadcast, which will begin in East Asia, Australia, will end in Europe and then in the USA.

Organization spokespeople stated that the Global Pride broadcast stream, which is planned to take 24 hours, will include musical performances and speeches of human rights activists. It is possible to participate in live performances on the organization’s website. In addition, those who want to be an organization volunteer can fill in the application form on the website.

Here is the website:

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