• 10 Thousand Seats in AGF Aarhus – Randers Match: Zoom Creates Virtual Tribune for Fans
    It was the breaking new ground in the AGF Aarhus-Randers match in the Danish Super League. Video conference application Zoom created a virtual tribune for 10 thousand people and people watched the match from their home. That match resulted in a 1-1 score.
  • 2020 WWE WrestleMania 36 matches and Night 2
    WrestleMania 36 event with the biggest show of the year taking place inside of an empty WWE Performance Center in Orlando. With one night in the books, it was certainly a surreal event, to say the least. The two-night extravaganza kicked off on Saturday night, and it proved that this would be a WrestleMania we […]
  • “Forever a Patriot”
    Tom Brady, the superstar of the American Football League team, New England Patriots, announced that he left his team with a letter he published on his social media account. Tifosi Blog translated Brady’s letter. To all my teammates, coaches, managers and team staff, Coach Belichick, RK Kraft, Kraft family, and the whole organization. For the […]
  • 2022 Women’s World Cup in Australia
    Basketball 2022 FIBA Women’s World Cup will be hosted by Australia. In the statement made by FIBA, it was announced that the voting was carried out by the board of directors for video hosting by Australia and Russia. In the statement, it was stated that Australia won the right to host the 2022 FIBA Women’s […]
  • World’s Funniest Sports
    Kicking Leg The basics of the sport of leg kicking (shin kicking) originating from the Gloucestershire region of England goes back to the 1600s. In this game, the two emerging players join their arms together on each other’s shoulders and necks; then they try to knock each other down by kicking the knee under the […]