USA President Trump halts funding to the World Health Organization

US President Donald Trump has announced that he has stopped funding the World Health Organization, which he blamed for the coronavirus outbreak. Trump claimed that the World Health Organization was misleading the world on Covid-19 and “defending China’s theses”.

Trump discussed the agenda at the press conference on the Coronavirus Task Force at the White House.
Trump argued that WHO had a serious responsibility for the spread of the epidemic around the world, and in this regard, the organization was misleading the world.

“I am ordering my management to stop the fund we have provided to the World Health Organization today. Everyone knows what’s going on there.”

While making this decision, Trump added that his management “evaluates WHO’s negligence and cover-ups on the epidemic.”
Stating that the USA provided WHO with annual funding of 400 to 500 million dollars, Trump said, “China provides only 40 million dollars against this.”

Arguing that WHO has ignored the calls for “stopping travels from China” and that this is a big mistake, Trump reiterated that he stopped travels from China to the USA without looking at them.

“WHO couldn’t fulfill its main mission”

Trump also said, “For WHO, which China accused of defending its theses” and “not making a credible investigation into how the outbreak spread in Wuhan,” the World Health Organization, which has been unable to fulfill its most essential duty, after all these years, should be held accountable.

Stating that the WHO’s late step towards the epidemic has taken a lot of time to the world, Trump said that the organization was silent about the disappearance of Chinese doctors who made the first warnings about the outbreak.

USA President Trump criticized the World Health Organization in previous statements and accused the organization of being on the Chinese side.

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