USA presidential elections: Former President Obama announces support for Joe Biden

In his video message, former USA president Barack Obama announced that he supported his former vice-president Joe Biden for the presidential election in November.

Thus, Obama, who took the side in the presidential race for the first time, called on the other candidates of the Democratic Party to support Biden.

Bernie Sanders, a presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, officially ended his campaign, saying he no longer had a chance to win.
Sanders later announced that he supported Biden.
With Sanders’s withdrawal, Biden is considered to be the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party.

“USA should be a fairer country”

In his 11-minute long video, released on Tuesday, Obama argued that Biden has the right leadership features to rule the country during the crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

“Republicans who are currently in power are not in favor of development, they are only in favor of holding power.” Obama said.
If there is something we have learned from great crises, the spirit of owning each other cannot be left only to homes, businesses, neighborhoods or places of worship; our national government should also have this feature. Such leadership should include knowledge and experience, honesty and dignity, empathy and finesse; such leadership should not only remain in city halls and parliament; it should also be in the White House. So I am proud to announce that I support Biden in the US presidential election.

Listing which policies helped Biden during his administration one by one, Obama stated that you have exposed the chronic problems of this pandemic in the system.

Emphasizing that the USA should become a fairer country, Obama emphasized that plans should be made for the public health system to include everyone, stating that “those who do the main job in the country always receive very little salaries and young people have to deal with unemployment”.

Election in November

Stating that the USA should return to the Paris Climate Agreement, the politician made the following words regarding Sanders:

“Bernie is a true American who has devoted his life to being the voice of people’s hopes, dreams, and disappointments. We have always shared the same judgment that the US should be a fairer and more equal country, even if we don’t always agree on everything.”

Democrats will officially announce the presidential candidate in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, week of August 17.

The congress, which the Republican Party is expected to officially nominate Donald Trump, will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, on 24-27 August.

The candidate, who will win the presidential election expected on November 3, 2020, at the discretion of the lack of mishaps in the USA, will sit on the presidential seat at the White House on January 20, 2021.

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