Volkswagen Unpublished New Commercial After ‘racism’ Reaction

German car giant Volkswagen received ‘racism’ reactions due to its advertisement to promote its new vehicle. Apologizing after the reactions and removing the video from the broadcast, Volkswagen could not satisfy many people.

The 10-second promotional film that Volkswagen made for the new Golf model, released from their Instagram and Twitter accounts, has created an outrage in the public.

In the video, a black man next to the new Volkswagen parked on the street is pushed by a gigantic hand. Then the black man, held by his head, is pushed into a building whose door is open. It says “Petit Colon” which translates from French as the Little Colonist or Little Settler.

Reactions to Volkswagen grew like an avalanche as the advertisement spread on social media. Users accused the company of racism.

Some users argued that the ‘Der Neue Golf’ (New Golf) text at the end of the ad appeared piecemeal in a way that evokes the insult of ‘nigger’ in German.

Sorry wasn’t enough: they knew very well what they were doing.

Apologizing after the reactions, Volkswagen removed the advertisement.

In the statement made by the company, “It is undeniable: The video is inappropriate and unappealing. We will investigate how such a thing can happen and it will have consequences. ”

However, the company’s statement did not satisfy many people. While most social media users argue that such an advertisement should not be allowed, one person wrote, “These people knew exactly what they were doing.”

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